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Unlock 6 tenets for creating content that accelerates demand

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 Unlock 6 tenets for creating content that accelerates demand

Enable buying groups to align on your brand faster

When was the last time you searched for information about a topic—any topic—and received fewer than multiple pages of search results? Almost never, right? There’s a ton of information out there about nearly everything. Effective content marketing requires marketers to be smarter than simply churning out more content.

This guide reveals the key principles you should consider for effective B2B content that constructively challenges your audiences’ perspectives, facilitates group decision-making and drives demand for (only) your brand.

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In addition to critical differences between B2C and B2B content, you’ll also learn

  • How to apply the jobs-not-journey model that better reflects the experience of B2B buyers
  • That the most persuasive content draws on multiple sources of value, both emotional and rational, and
  • Where to start on your path to standing out, differentiating your brand and connecting most effectively with your target audience