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ICOM Appoints Canadian Ad Exec Ken Whyte As New Board Member

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St.Jacobs, ON, March 1, 2018 - ICOM, one of the world’s largest global networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies, announced the appointment of Ken Whyte, President of Canadian B2B marketing agency Quarry, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Whyte will serve as ICOM’s regional director for North America and joins 11 other directors representing independent agencies from around the globe who are responsible for assisting in developing and leading regional new business initiatives, in recruiting new member agencies, and in organizing regional meetings.

“We are very pleased to have Ken join our board and look forward to his increased involvement,” said ICOM Board Chairman Bob Morrison, also Chairman & CEO, Morrison, Atlanta, Ga., USA. “Ken already has made valuable contributions to ICOM, for example, helping with the launch of our Agency Leadership Webinar Series. His experience in using the latest in modern marketing techniques to remain at the leading edge of advertising and marketing will be invaluable to ICOM agencies around the world.”

Whyte said he looks forward to his new role. His plans include continuing to foster an environment of learning and sharing of best practices among the agencies, growing ICOM’s membership, and enhancing regional collaboration, all toward a common goal of building member agencies’ businesses.

During his 27-plus years at Quarry, Whyte has helped grow the agency and its team of nearly 100 into a major force in B2B marketing. Headquartered in the Waterloo region near Toronto, with clients across North America including IBM Watson, Oracle, and Workfront to name a few, Quarry continues to be recognized by various industry organizations and analysts as a leader in the field of modern B2B marketing.

“For the kinds of clients we serve, the ability to provide global reach is becoming increasingly important,” Whyte said. “Having close working relationships with talented agencies around the world – those in the ICOM network - that share the same ownership philosophy as we do is a real competitive advantage.”

As passionate as Whyte is about business success, he is equally committed to environmental sustainability and what it means for the future. He sits on a not-for-profit national board supporting like-minded businesses in reducing their carbon footprints.

“As individuals, we need to do our part to help the environment; and as businesses, we can accomplish so much more in preserving our planet for future generations by taking action now to move to a low-carbon economy,” Whyte said.

On the ICOM board, Whyte replaces Rob Whittle, President & CEO, Williams Whittle, Alexandria, Va., USA, who is retiring from the board after serving for two years. ICOM board members serve two-year terms and may be re-elected if they choose to run again. Among additional responsibilities, the board appoints and supervises an executive director and approves new members. ICOM’s North America region is comprised of some 20 advertising and marketing communications agencies in Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and continental USA.

About Quarry
Quarry is the single agency to drive real growth for brands with complex buying journeys. Unraveling the many dimensions of how sophisticated, empowered buyers make business purchase decisions, simplifying complex stories about highly engineered solutions, creating consensus-building, customer-centered brand experiences, and enabling savvy leaders to drive change is our passion. Our 90+ team of modern marketing strategists, creatives and technologists do this for some of North America’s most respected brands and we are proud to have been recently named a top B2B marketing agency by Chief Marketer.

About ICOM
ICOM is a leading global network of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies, with 80-plus member agencies covering 95% of the world’s markets. The network empowers global collaboration and brings people around the world closer to brands through connected thinking. Annual gross income exceeds US$500 million.