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Keeping up with the ever-changing world of B2B SEO

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SEO is a murky topic at the best of times, and it doesn’t help that search engines constantly change the game with updates to their search algorithms. And while rules haven’t exactly stabilized, they have started to move towards certain trends. Here are some of the trends most significant to B2B companies:

1. Happy readers = higher results

Google’s latest Panda updates prioritize one thing: content that readers like. For B2B companies, this means that the more useful, shareable and relevant content you have, the better your site will perform. So start those blogs and post those whitepapers! And make sure that the pages people land on are detailed enough to match what they expect to see.

2. More keywords are better, too

In the past, SEO agencies recommended focusing on a few targeted primary keywords. Nowadays, the advice is to get a couple of primary keywords, but use as many secondary keywords as you possibly can to cover all your bases.

3. The basics are still important

Remember the basics of SEO while you’re trying to learn and keep up with advanced B2B SEO tactics and the most recent updates. Things like metadata, tags, clean layouts and easily crawlable site structure can, in some ways, still be more effective than any other SEO tricks you attempt.

These suggestions actually go well together. You can (and should) create lots of high quality web content that incorporates all of those secondary keywords you want to cover. Add these on an optimized website, and you’re well on your way to a higher search engine ranking. Let the SEO tweaks begin!

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