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Quarry named top 10 brand in #B2Bmarketing in US

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Lightning has struck twice for Quarry — in a good way. Influencer marketing firm Onalytica named us to two of its prestigious lists of influential social media marketing brands for 2015.

Onalytica just ranked Quarry among the top US and UK influencers and brands in B2B marketing. Earlier this year, the firm included us on its list of Top 100 Content Marketing Brands of 2015. Ranked at #10 in the US among influential brands in B2B marketing, we’re proud to join B2B industry heavyweights @siriusdecisions (#13) and @LinkedInMktg (#15) and our partners @OracleMktgCloud (#27)!

The recognitions are based on a company’s ability to drive and influence conversations around the topics of B2B marketing and content marketing, respectively, on Twitter. Onalytica’s own research recently showed that Twitter is one of the most powerful channels for B2B social media marketing.

What’s most gratifying about the award, from our perspective, is that it doesn’t just show we’re posting to social media like Twitter, but that our efforts are engaging with other social media influencers and driving the conversation. That’s good news for us. And great news for our clients.

About Onalytica’s study:

In its most recent data-based study on B2B marketing influencers on Twitter, Onalytica analyzed over 26,000 tweets from August 21 to November 18 around the query “B2BMarketing” and identified the top 100 most influential brands and individuals leading the discussion on Twitter. Based on its findings, it created lists of top individuals and brands in both the US and the UK.