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15 “Siriusly” great quotes from #SDSummit

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Born on a farm, I’m a country guy at heart. I’m also a certified modern marketing geek. So you can imagine my excitement last week when my two worlds collided in Nashville for the 10ᵗʰ Annual SiriusDecisions Summit, a gathering of 2,300 B2B marketing, sales and product leaders to discuss best practices, models and technologies to fuel growth.

With eight keynotes, 50 analyst sessions and over 100 practitioner case study sessions, the takeaways came fast and furious. Here are 15 of the top tweetable moments from #SDSummit, grouped by four consistently heard key themes:

Key Theme: Invest in knowing your customer

“Customers change so fast… don’t be too stubborn to adapt to the new marketplace.” Magic Johnson [Tweet this]

“Insights (into your buyers) can give you a sustainable competitive advantage.” Jeff Lash [Tweet this]

“The #1 reason why new products fail? Not figuring out the end buyer and their needs first.” Marisa Kopec [Tweet this]

Key Theme: Invest in building customer advocacy

“Your best salespeople aren’t on payroll—they’re your customer advocates!” Megan Heuer [Tweet this]

“Over-deliver to your customers. That drives loyalty. That builds brand ambassadors.” Magic Johnson [Tweet this]

“‘Brand’ is no longer what you tell a consumer it is—it’s what consumers tell each other it is.” Marilyn Cox [Tweet this]

Key Theme: Invest in team alignment

“There are no heroes in alignment. There are only high-performing teams.” John Neeson [Tweet this]

“Companies that have aligned sales and marketing deliver 19% more growth.” John Neeson [Tweet this]

“If sales & marketing don’t have a deep and shared view of the buyer & customer, alignment will fail. It’s foundational.” Jay Gaines [Tweet this]

“Know your team and make them better.” Magic Johnson [Tweet this]

Key Theme: Invest in salespeople—they still matter

“It’s a myth that 67% of buyers have made a decision before talking to a sales rep.” Jennifer Ross and Marisa Kopec [Tweet this]

“The rise of digital marketing doesn’t mean (human) interactions go away. They still occur and matter.” Marisa Kopec [Tweet this]

“Marketing must pass intelligence to sales, not just leads.” Patty Foley-Reid, Ed Jennings and Jasmine Noel [Tweet this]

“(Salespeople) productivity is the one foundational growth strategy that is 100% within your control.” Jim Ninivaggi [Tweet this]

“Approach your sales org like a customer. Deliver them the right content, at the right time, on the right channel.” Marilyn Cox [Tweet this]

Did you attend #SDSummit? If so, share your top tweetable moment with us at @Quarry.

SiriusDecisions 2016 Summit will be back in Nashville, May 24–27. See you there.