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Top-ranked B2B Demand Marketing Firm Quarry Announces Ownership Transition

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Longstanding team members Meredith Fuller, Richard Hill, Tony Mohr and Mandey Moote to lead Quarry forward

Waterloo Region, ON, Dec. 14, 2020 – B2B demand marketing firm Quarry announced today that it has successfully executed a Board-approved management buyout, such that former owners and marketing veterans Alan Quarry, Glen Drummond and Ken Whyte have transferred full shareholdership to Qmates Meredith Fuller, Richard Hill, Tony Mohr and Mandey Moote.

This is a key milestone in the firm’s succession plan, which has been devised to ensure Quarry is well-positioned for the future. Board Chair Alan Quarry observed, “This moment is a moment of transformation, not simply transition. Beginning with the inception of Quarry 47 years ago by Bob Quarry, through my 25-year tenure as Quarry’s head, working with exceptional fellow shareholders Glen and Ken, Quarry has always been more than a marketing firm. It has been a place to innovate and illuminate, inspire and imagine. I can’t wait to see where this next generation of Quarry owners—Meredith, Richard, Tony and Mandey—take the firm.”

This moment is a moment of transformation, not simply transition.

Quarry, Drummond and Whyte will remain actively involved in the business. All will continue on the Board, with Quarry retaining his role as Board Chair, Drummond serving in an advisory capacity to the firm and Whyte continuing as Quarry’s President.

“Speaking on behalf of the new Quarry owners, we are so privileged to have this opportunity to carry forward the leadership of the incredible Quarry team and to continue to uphold the values this organization has stood for since its establishment,” said Mohr.

Quarry’s rich history spans multiple industries and sectors and has included B2C, B2B2C and B2B marketing. Today, Quarry is a top-10 ranked North American B2B marketing firm (as recognized in the US Agencies Benchmarking Report 2020). Over the last several years, the firm has tightened its focus, dedicating itself to supporting enterprise marketers within the B2B technology sector, adding flagship accounts such as Windstream Enterprise, Oracle, Google, SAP Concur and FIS, among others, to its client roster.

Reflecting on what’s behind the firm’s successful navigation of the ever-dynamic marketing landscape, Drummond noted, “Two mottos headline two successive chapters of Quarry’s history: ‘Ideas that Build’ and ‘Imagine Something Better’. These speak to the same deeply shared aspiration—a quality in our work—that built our brand and continues to drive us relentlessly forward. They also speak to a related aspiration around the way we relate to each other. If you understand this, then in this ownership change you will see a deeper continuity. It’s both a new chapter and a renewed invitation for every Qmate to learn, challenge, explore and grow.”

This ownership change [is] both a new chapter and a renewed invitation for every Qmate to learn, challenge, explore and grow.

Since 2015, Fuller, Hill, Mohr and Moote have each been in senior management roles, providing leadership across key areas of the business. Currently, Fuller serves as Managing Director, Demand Strategy; Hill as Managing Director, Growth; Mohr as Chief Operations Officer; and Moote as Managing Director, Experiences. Combined, the quartet has more than 66 years of service at Quarry.

“We have tremendous confidence in the strength and abilities of Tony, Mandey, Richard and Meredith as Quarry owners and as the absolute best leaders for Quarry’s future. Working closely with these four over the past decade, and more recently to manage through the effects of the pandemic, demonstrated to me the care, capability and commitment they each bring to the ownership table. Quarry is in such a strong position now to capture even greater success,” stated Whyte.

Mohr concludes, “We are most appreciative of the support, encouragement and genuine affirmation that Alan, Glen and Ken have provided us as we have grown into our leadership and full ownership roles. Their unwavering commitment to our development and success has been instrumental in our ability to step into this opportunity with confidence and anticipation.”

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