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Embracing CX? Your segmentation model matters.

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Many companies are seeking to become more customer-centric and differentiate on the basis of CX. Yet, traditional segmentation models are ill-suited to the task. Tony Mohr unpacks this tension.


Have you ever stopped to think about how your organization thinks about its customers?

If you’re trying to differentiate on the basis of CX, yet you’re still using a product-centric segmentation model, then you’re getting it wrong.

What you really need to do is refresh your view of customers across the organization, so that you can create more relevant and emotionally resonant experiences.

Your segmentation model is a significant barrier to the success of your CX initiatives, and yet you may not even know it.

And the reason why is that the majority of organizations are using segmentation models that are organized around top-down frameworks like: vertical, size of spend, role title and geography.

The experience economy though calls for a new type of segmentation - and experiential segmentation.

The experience economy though calls for a new type of segmentation – an experiential segmentation.

We’ve shared our research in a report that’s available at the bottom of the screen. I invite you to check it out and learn about the problems with segmentation today and how to get experiential segmentation right.

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